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Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Find Inside This book...
 How one simple phone call to an old friend led me to being given a struggling business to turn around, that I grew and sold for 6 figures... pg. 6
 Peak behind the scenes of a real-life case study where I take you through every thing I did to raise the game and increase profits massively and how you can emulate what I did... pg. 53 
 How one simple strategy enabled me personally to make a return on my investment of over 2000% in just 5 years, and has formed the golden road map to success time and time again in multiple businesses for myself, my clients and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash...It's repeatable for YOU pg. 17 
 The FIRST thing I tell all of my brand new high level clients to get them in the right mindset to generating profits... PLUS: You'll get to peak behind the scenes to find out what I told my business partner about the state of his business... pg. 10
 Looking to make more sales by tweaking your advertising? DON'T! Read this book instead and you'll discover how to first work out if your advertising is actually working and beat your competitors... pg. 119
 Struggling to cope with your relationships, wondering how you can help your family and colleagues understand your vision? I explain the importance of your family and business relationships and how to consider managing expectations of those close to you... pg. 15
 The classic old-school media tactic of DEALING WITH BAD REPUTATION How to respond like a media pro and turn negative reviews and bad reputation into positive outcomes and the best customers ever. This subject alone I've taught at seminars for over $1000!... pg. 67
 How to build your brand based on the customers you want to attract, and why it's important to maintain a consistent marketing message... pg. 29
 How will you reach more customers with your website? This section focuses on what you should and should not do when creating your website, and how to make your website stand out from the crowd... pg. 73
 How will your business make it to number one? Discover the hidden Google secrets the pros don't tell you about and how to put yourself on the map... pg. 91
 Not everyone goes with the cheapest quote. Pricing is the make or break of a business. How far can we push the price yet maintain the perception of value? Discover how... pg. 155
 Smart businesses go out of their way to build strong relationships with their peers and even competitors. Find out the secrets of networking and forming partnerships that are best for your business... pg. 167
 How to value your business and find the right buyer, cash out and move, or keep building!... pg. 179
And That's Just A Fraction Of This 200 page book!
 Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real Businesses...
Helen Morton
"Store Owner"
"... I've read lots of books and been on lots of training courses, and never really related to business books because they are long and dull and over complicated and they are not really relevant, but this one is, it's a real story about real business"
Luke Power
"Video Producer"
"...what I like about this book is it starts with the end in mind, so you can work towards selling"
Brian Boulton
"House Builder"
"... this book really helped me to advertise properly and grow my business"
Jamie Prynn
"Landscaper and Paver"
"...I followed the steps in this book and now I'm taking on staff to cope with the demand"
Danny Cole
"Expert Plasterer"
"... I implemented everything in this book step-by-step and it works!"
Chas Cox
"Managing Director"
"...when I first read the bit about a Strategic Objective I was not convinced, but WOW, using it we grew and sold the business!!"
How Will You Build And Sell Your Business Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
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