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What Is How Will You Build And Sell Your Business?
How Will You Build And Sell Your Business is not just another "how to" book on building a business.
It is NOT about irrelevant theories that business schools teach you
.....yet this book will provide you with real-life steps that will increase your business value and get you profitable.
It is NOT about finding the quick way out and throwing in the towel
.....yet this book will empower you to do the things that work and speed towards creating an attractive business for a buyer.
How Will You Build And Sell Your Business? is a SHORTCUT
Low profits, high overheads and frustration are typical in most small businesses. It's actually really difficult to see the big picture when you're working "in" your business. Inside this 200 page book you will discover a real-life case study of a small business that was grabbed by the scruff of the neck, turned around and sold with a personal profit of over 2000%. You now have access to all of the processes, secrets, tactics and strategies used to turn the business around and sell it.
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OK, What's My Story?
I had graduated with a Masters in Open and Distance Education and become a seasoned digital guru having built and sold an online school in the field of music technology (first of its kind in the world). I was generating a five figure monthly income through consultancy contracts providing services such eLearning, websites, SEO, social media, email marketing and strategic consultation. I had worked on projects for big brands like Coca-Cola, BP, Capital One, Direct Line. I was based in London and very much part of the digerati.

Jo and myself had two children (now we have three), with our youngest just over a year old when we moved back to Cornwall. We’d just secured a massive mortgage on our new dream house and things were fabulous.

Then devastating news came to the front door.

I had made the oldest mistake in the book. 80% of my income was coming from 20% of my clients. The “big” client’s business got acquired and my services would no longer be needed for the following year. I was brought to my knees in an instant. The crushing pain I felt, the intense financial pressure that would soon be looming was almost too much to bear.

I would not wish a shock like that on anyone. What could I do? We had moved back from London because we wanted the dream life back in our home town, with the spoils of handsome income generated from the city. Would I have to move back, work during the weeks in London and come home for the weekends? The thought of that was too painful, I’d not see my kids grow up. I felt somewhat powerless and weak.

It was during this period of self-questioning, with I must say amazing support from my wife (I really can’t sing her praises enough here), that I dusted myself off and started looking around me with my eyes wide open. I needed to do something to gather my thoughts, buy me some time and consider my next move.

I started working for a wage in a boat rental business owned by a good friend..

There Is Always An Avenue
I called Chas Cox, an old friend who had a local boat rental business.

After so many years of not talking to Chas apart from the odd catch up over a quick beer I unloaded my situation. His warm response was as if nothing had changed, “I need someone to run the boats this year, Chris”.

It was a win win for the both of us, his boat business partner Tony was getting on a bit and didn’t want to do it anymore, I needed time, head space and some form of income. We struck up a deal, where I got paid a flat rate and then a bonus on anything over a certain amount per day.
I started a few days later.

From wearing a handmade suit from Savile Row and visiting clients in swanky board rooms with 60 foot glass tables and waterfalls, I was now back on the Quay wearing cut off ripped jeans, a t-shirt covered in salt, oil and sweat every day, and I loved every minute of it.

I was hungry too, my mind was focused, I was searching for a way out, determined and fighting hard every day. The manual labour of running the boats 6 days a week was good for me, I felt in shape, I was sun kissed and breathing in amazing salty air. Meeting tourists every day and interacting got me out of my slump pretty quickly.

This first season of me back on the boats saw me take the train up to London a few times, with the notion of working back there for a PR or digital agency. I would put the suit on and shake hands with the managing directors with my now rough workman hands and sun tanned face. It was a strange sensation. Something about it didn’t feel right, almost false, and I started focusing more close to home and starting picking up local clients that wanted digital solutions. I soon picked up some good traction and over the following years got back up to earning 5 figures monthly again, mostly from local contracts.

I do believe it was the head space of the first year back on the Quay that helped me get back on my feet.

State Of The Business
At this time the business was still called Moonfleet and Sunfleet. Chas had just a handful of boats ready to let, both red painted boats and blue painted boats, a few months later we had four (with one more in a field collecting leaves). Chas was a busy man and it was he who had to do all the boat maintenance, get them ready for launch etc, a big ask. I just turned up and ran the day to day operation and sold the hires.
The state of the website was atrocious. It was I think just 3 pages, maybe 4 and a few pictures, something that had been put together and forgotten about. I have a larger section further into the book which talks about the importance of a website so I’ll leave this short here for now. The pricing was wrong, the marketing was almost non existent.

At this point Chas was not investing a great deal of time more than necessary into the business, he’d had it for about 15 years at this point and was probably somewhat jaded by it. I think he loved being outside when the boats were running mind you, but his business partner had pretty much already retired so no doubt it would have been a hassle to run it, being so busy himself with other commitments.

The mechanics of the business were identical to how they always were. That is, put a sign up saying “boats for hire”, and wait for people to walk buy and take an interest. The footfall though on the quay was not what it had been 25 years previously, which considering this was the main sales channel for the business, wasn’t great!

Additional sales channels were needed.

Know Your Strengths
Chas is a fantastic technical man, he just loved to tinker and keep the boats running mechanically. By his own admission he is not a marketing man or someone that works “on” the business necessarily but “in” the business. That’s his strength, and he’s damn good at it too. You understand what I mean by working “in” the business as opposed to “on” it?
What my experience brought to the party was an entrepreneurial streak and the ability to take a step back and look at how we could change things and improve areas for the better of us both. Basically put, how to generate more cash. This is considered working “on” the business. What can we do to change things for the better? What can I do that will create more profit? What can we do that will grow the turn-over? Working “in” the business continually means you can never step back and grow things further, or make progress as you’re forever busy just running the show. If this is you, beware because your business can stagnate from lack of growth, diversity and strategic thinking.

After a great first season Chas wanted me as his partner in the business, replacing Tony. Chas is not a naive man, he knew I could grow things and improve the business, together we’d be a formidable force. Tony wanted a very small dollop of cash, not even half the actual price of the boats, and there were only five at the time; it was well under priced. So I bought in and the business was now half mine. I actually had very little money at the time; I was really strapped for cash, but I knew I’d reap rewards further down the road, easily. Both Chas and I knew our end game would be to grow and sell the business, effectively turning it into a turn-key solution.

But I had to tread carefully, I met a lot of resistance from Chas to my ideas at first, I had to manage his expectations and show him there was a better way of doing business.

When I talk about turn-key I do literally mean to bring the business up to such a state that someone off the street could be handed the keys and be up and running trading.

What happened next was amazing......

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 How will your business make it to number one? Discover the hidden Google secrets the pros don't tell you about and how to put yourself on the map... pg. 91
 Not everyone goes with the cheapest quote. Pricing is the make or break of a business. How far can we push the price yet maintain the perception of value? Discover how... pg. 155
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Helen Morton
"Store Owner"
"... I've read lots of books and been on lots of training courses, and never really related to business books because they are long and dull and over complicated and they are not really relevant, but this one is, it's a real story about real business"
"...what I like about this book is it starts with the end in mind, so you can work towards selling"
"I'm Luke Power, I've run multiple businesses over the last decade, some more successful than others. What I haven't managed 

Chris's book has given me the confidence to add the elements to my current project and begin with the end in mind. So that it become a business that I can sell.

So I thoroughly recommend it, it's a really easy digestible read, great fun, I love the story telling element of it, it really helps for the core principles to gel.

This book is for those of us that quite frankly like to think we know a thing or two but actually when you read this you'll take away so much value"
Luke Power
"Video Producer"
Brian Boulton
"Expert Builder"
"... this book really helped me to advertise properly and grow my business"
Brian is a highly reputable builder in Falmouth who has years of experience.

Brian was struggling with getting his name out there, though highly experienced nobody had every heard of him. He had no branding and not even a website.

Following the steps in this book Brian opted to get a website built that works across all devices such as laptops and phones, which is now dominating Google rankings for his target keywords.

Brian is now leveling up and has taken on more people and is concentrating on huge industrial builds, his business has taken off and he can he is now building it further.
"...I followed the steps in this book and now I'm taking on staff to cope with the demand"
Jamie used to struggle to find out how to scale his business and make it very well known in his local area, this book change all that for him, he is now employing 4 people.

Following the principles in this book Jamie re-branded his business including website, van sign writing and immediately started getting phone calls.

Jamie has become the authority people go to in his local area for everything to do with landscaping and paving, he is now considering getting additional vehicles and expanding his operational area.
Jamie Prynn
"Landscaping and Paving Expert"
Danny Cole
"Expert Plasterer"
"... I implemented everything in this book step-by-step and it works!"
Danny was struggling to find more customers in his local area, he was only getting repeat business as his work was so good. What he needed was new customers continually coming in.

Danny's work was so good that customers would often offer him more money, but he found it difficult to raise his prices.

After following this book Danny understood the importance of framing his products correctly and creating more profit whilst still providing excellent value to this customers.

Danny also now is top of Google for his trade in his area he is booming.

After going through this book Danny re-branded completely and has not looked back.
"...when I first read the bit about a Strategic Objective I was not convinced, but WOW, using it we grew and sold the business!!"
Falmouth Boat Hire was struggling to make any money. Whilst it had a fantastic product the business was not organised nor were the prices or advertising anywhere near what they should have been.

This book changed everything for the business, and brought it into the 21st century.

From struggling and making ends meet the business was transformed and sold adding 5000% to the business value.

Through the plans in this book the business was transformed into a profitable turn-key business and sold within just 5 years!
Chas Cox
"Falmouth Boat Hire"
As You Can See...
How Will You Build And Sell Your Business Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
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